I went to the site early in the morning to help with the work.

I’m always happy with the skylights,
He’s a professional builder of the Pagora system.
It’s Doo Hwan.

Fine dust continues to be bad throughout the countrywide.
News reports indicate that the “bad” phase of ultrafine dust will continue until the 14th.
They say it will last for almost a week.
The air from China with fine dust…
Atmospheric congestion over the Korean Peninsula, like a huge dome.
It’s the phenomenon of being trapped.
The Ministry of Environment believes domestic factors are the bigger reason.
We’ll figure out the exact cause.
I hope you solve it in a cool way.

Let me introduce you to the site where I went today.
Skyning construction on the roof of a building in
I need you to go to the scene early in the morning.
I’m here to help you with your work.
It rained a lot a while ago.
Commercial use of outdoor rooftop space,
You were trying to use it for personal use.
The experience of not being able to do so due to weather problems,
I’m sure you all did.

The same goes for outdoor spaces, not rooftops.
As much as you can’t take advantage of a normal space,
There’s nothing to be desired.
In particular, in the case of commercial spaces, it may be directly related to sales;
It’s a part of it, so rather than just leaving it there,
He’s been sky-bound, and he’s got no weather restrictions.
I think it would be much more satisfying if you use it freely.

Important parts to activate the skylining!

It is a process that connects the motor and the circular pipe.

More data, more construction cases.

Fix the fabric to the pole bar,

We’ve got a couple of collars on the rails.

Connect it to an electrical wire and get it to the motor.

I’ve worked on it to make the current flow!

Well, that’s a concern.

Start the engine, and if it works well with the parts to check,

and cover it with an eaves (roof),

To prevent rain (water) from counting on the wall.

Fire it with silicon and Hera! Make it stick.

It looks like a neat finish.

We’re done with the construction.

Let’s see what it’ll look like!

What do you think?! I can see the city view.

With the light above, the atmosphere is up!

I’m here, too. I’m a real barbecue party.

Have a cup of coffee.

I want to spend a lot of time.

I wonder how to decorate this place.

It’s working!

I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to find a place

I think it’s really cool to construct.

When it’s a little darker around here, it’s so much cooler!

Shall we take a look?!

Two rows of lights are definitely bright.

You can check the picture.

We build it ourselves, but when the finished product comes out,

You’re completely satisfied.

It’s a construction that makes us feel 스카이어닝 satisfied and proud.

More data, more construction cases.

I’d like more lighting for you.therefore

This is a picture of adding lights!

It’s something that could change your mind.

So I put the lights in the old pipes,

Re-construction, after wiring connections,

We’ve activated it!

It worked fine and fine!

The skylights we’re building for you in Du Hwan,
We’re basically designing and building it with a strong structure.
You can use it easily even in bad weather.
Especially on rooftops, compared to other outdoor spaces,
I don’t think there will be a lot of strong winds that will shake or collapse the facilities.
There are a lot of people who are worried.
The people in charge of skylining,
We know exactly what you want and what you’re using it for.
We are working on it with a particular focus on durability.
If you want to increase space utilization with a stable facility,
Try to solve it in Du Hwan right now!

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