I tried to take out the knife that Haemoyong was hiding.

The plateau and the truth that were caught by false links.
This is the case, and the plateau is trying to do something else.
Jinbi leaves the palace after saying she will go to the temple and rest.
“Everywhere you step, there’s ice. I don’t even know who the enemy is or who the friend is.

On the other hand, for this incident, he gave Moon the lecture, saying that Yeonseo was fake, but it was real.
Dal says you can use it, but don’t cheat other people around you.
Pyeong-gang said, “The only reason I have to do this is because I’m
The palace says it’s because you can’t trust anyone.
“Don’t ever disappear from my sight again.”

Haemo Yong returned from a mission to kill Pyeonggang.
“It’s a good thing you’re back at Haemo-yong,” Gorgan said.
They ask us not to disappear in front of our eyes from now on.

Does Haemoyong really move to kill Pyeonggang River?
“From today on, I will give you the military power of Gyerubu.”

After being beaten by Pyeong-gang once, Go Won-pyo said, “Go-gun,
He wants to hand over his military power.
And they start preparing for something.
Meanwhile, the head of an old man’s house has finally arrived.
I thought the salt monopoly would make a fuss at the meeting.
Contrary to expectations, the plateau votes in favor and everyone is surprised.
“Don’t try too hard. Just one at a time. “Just one as much as you can handle.”

The fact that Pyeong-gang has not been able to rest and is still struggling.
Ondal, who was heartbroken,
They want to be supportive and they want you to take it easy, but…
Pyeong-gang, who is anxious, rather gets angry at Dal’s words.
“Are you going to keep deceiving me?”

On the other hand, Haemo-yong seems to be helping him,
I’ve known the two mediators for a long time. Pyeong-gang noticed something strange in many ways!
The moment Pyeong-gang calls Hae-mo-yong and tells him who he really is.
I tried to take out the knife that Haemoyong was hiding.

But then, Gogan appears and organizes the situation.
I can’t remember the eyes of Gorgan, who used to look at Pyeonggang anymore.
“When the Koguryo of Gyerubu opens… “

It turned out that the goal of Gogun and Go Won-pyo was for Gyerubu to take control of Goguryeo.
He’s trying to take control of the army from the inside.
Ondal and Pyeonggang spent a happy day without knowing such facts.
But that happiness ends when you find a spy.
“I’ll let you go. Strike the King Tae.”

And Gorgan, who broke out of the prison, told Du Joongseo,
I’ll let you go, so gather the sprinklers and hit the king.
Of course, they gave me a special medicine made by Haemo-yong that killed me if I didn’t achieve my goal within the schedule.

The two men, who were later released, have the closest access to the palace.
He says to catch Jin and repay his kindness.
Finally, remember that Goguryeo is not our 토렌트맵 country!
“I will put you on the throne. “

Before starting his career, Go Won-pyo said, “I don’t want you to take the throne.
They say they’re going to make him king.
I don’t know what’s going to be the last of these two.
“If it’s not me, who else can do it, I’ll do it. Trust me.”

The palace was told that the soldiers had happened.
Dal-yi, who heard the news, said she would stand at the head of the punitive expedition for Pyeong-gang.
Pyeonggang says you don’t have to, but the moon tells you to believe in yourself!
As Dal said, King Pyeongwon sent Dal to the vanguard of the punitive expedition.
Pyeonggang watching the moon from afar, leading the troops out.

When I heard that Ondal was going to be in the punitive force, I heard that Go Won-pyo and other members of the conference were going to be involved
I thought you were surprised. !
Will Dal be able to completely destroy all his adversaries and come back safely?
When the two of you will be able to be as stubborn as in a ghost town.
This time, I’m gonna push the ranger out of course!
I really hope Pyeong-gang can get rid of the burden just a little bit.

Now, I’m going to end the 15th episode of the drama, “The Moonrise River”.

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