We built it for you in the house of 213 dong 401.

The reason why the trend has changed to Jipkok is because
As you all know, Corona 19 has a huge impact.
There’s a structure that can solve everything at home.
New apartments are being built one after another.

It’s taking a long time for even the kids to go to school.
Some people change their education to homeschooling.
There’s also a variety of ways to use your home space.

It’s illegal to install a fixed tent on the terrace.
Skyning is a structure that can be folded and unfolded, so it’s legal.
Most of the cases apply. This interior design, too.
Let me introduce you.

The longer you stay, the longer you stay, the more you’
I need to be able to experience a variety of things without being boredom.
It should be more efficient than pretty interior design.

These days, most of the new apartments are equipped with balconies and terraces.
There are many different interiors for this space.
It’s on the market.

The interior design recommended by Siwon System is
It’s a skyning installation.

There’s no ceiling in this ceiling.
on rainy or sunny days
It’s not easy to use.
We need an interior to compensate for this shortcoming.
That’s skyning.

The construction site I’m going to show you today is…
It’s Doosan Alfheim interior.
We built it for you in the house of 213 dong 401.

It’s a 4140*3400 size S-TYPE.
Added LED 3-line bulb 파고라 color.

That’s the model you do the most.
S and L types, but the difference is for installing anning.
Whether to perform additional frame operations.

The space is small and small.
Here, you can connect it to an apartment building.
I worked on it and it was completed neatly.

One of Skyning’s biggest attractions is that…
We can reclaim the light bulb.
It can also be used at night.

So, on the roof of the cafe, on the terrace, on the pension,
It’s a product that you use a lot when you do interior design.

If you glow softly on the terrace in the dark night,
It’s going to look very atmospheric from the outside.

You don’t have to bury the light bulb.
It’s not easy to add later.
It’s highly utilized, so it’s better to do it together.

I’m showing you how it’s folded and unfolded.
It can be transformed freely with a single electric remote control.

When the sun is warm like these days, fold it.
You can spread it out when it’s raining or snowing.

Because of the folding characteristics,
You might think it’s not durable.
It’s a product that’s mostly used outside.
It is characterized by its robustness.

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