Oh In-beom offered Hong Ji-ah a partnership to find out why.

There was a surprisingly interesting Wednesday-Thursday Webhard these days, which is KBS2’s real estate.
Hong Ji-ah, the president of Daebak Real Estate and an exorcist, and a haunted house with Oh In-beom, an exorcist fraudster, or various buildings with Ji Bak-ryeong and Yi Sang-ryeong.
It is a so-called life-friendly exorcism webhard that eradicates monkeys who cannot leave this world due to resentment in shops and others and releases resentment.

In fact, I didn’t expect much at first, but now I can put it on the KBS Web Hard Ranking Recommendation List.
The biggest story is what happened in the past between Hong Mi-jin, Hong Ji-ah’s mother, and Oh Sung-sik, Oh In-beom’s uncle, to determine the cause of Hong Min-ju’s death.
The skeleton adds to the sad yet sad story of ordinary people involved in real estate every episode, making the characters Hong Ji-ah and Oh In-beom richer.

Among the episodes, the sad story of my mother who was swindled by the sale of Green Villa, which was introduced in the fifth episode, touched my heart.
I’ve lived without a single room all my life, and I’ve got a lease and a loan for my pregnant daughter, but I can’t believe I cheated on such a good little citizen.
As Hong Ji-ah told her daughter when she was on her exorcism, the sight of my daughter’s mother leaving with her last words, “I’m sorry,” made me cry.

In particular, unlike the appearance of a soft face, he has a cool charisma and judgment that can double his face.
Jang Na-ra, an actress who shows action while shooting a gun, is very fresh and interesting because she has never seen it before.
Plus, using cutting-edge devices to deliberately present a hologram that looks like a ghost, and then make money in the name of exorcism.
Actor Jung Yong-hwa, who played the role of a swindler, also adds to the fun of the play.

As a result of watching up to the sixth episode, the relationship between the two is still a partnership between psychic and exorcist, and I expect that there will be a slightly soft romance with 10 episodes left.
Oh In-beom, who plays the role of a hot stove while being sold to Hong Ji-ah, who has a physical weakness that causes hypothermia when exorcism,
From some point on, I could see her looking at her with an odd look!!!!

Therefore, I think there will definitely be a love line between the two in future developments.

What is Oh In-bum’s first lip to Hong Ji-ah, who tries to put on the necklace so that she doesn’t become possessed?

Oh Inbeom, did your lips come out?

Also indispensable characters in this webhard are Joo Hwa-jung, who speaks Busan dialects, and Heo Ji-cheol, a strong helper like Oh In-beom’s brother.
In particular, actor Kang Mal-geum is an actor I’ve been paying attention to in his previous work, and he spoke in Busan dialect with a very fun but not awkward accent on the webhard, so I’m enjoying it.

“I think the boss went a little crazy and added another ball.”

I love you! I fell in love at first sight. Why did Chief Huh confess his love out of the blue?

Hong Ji-ah thought Oh In-beom was a special psychic and tried to recruit her mother Hong Mi-jin.
Hong Ji-ah feels guilty that she accidentally killed her mother more than 20 years ago, and her mother has also become a ghost and has not been able to leave the world and is staying with Hong Ji-ah.
That’s why Hong Jia needed a very powerful spirit to send her mother, an exorcist, to the Underworld.

But for some reason, even the misin-bum possessed his mother and prevented her from exorcism.
Oh In-beom, who saw himself and his uncle Oh Sung-sik in the memory of Hong Mi-jin, who entered his body for a short time, offered Hong Ji-ah a partnership to find out why in Daebak Real Estate.

And the Tao Hak Construction, which is willing to do redevelopment and demolition services, is likely to be the biggest villain of the Webhard.
I suspect that Oh Sung-sik’s suicide was caused by Taoism and that it may have something to do with Hong Mi-jin.

Dohak Construction Chairman Dohakseong and his party.

In the sixth episode, Hong Ji-ah and Oh In-beom will exorcise the original ghosts with stories, and the two people who were kidnapped by Do Hak-sung will be curious about how to escape and wait for next week!!

It would be great if you could watch the live broadcast, but if you have to watch the replay due to unavoidable circumstances, please refer to the link below to the timeline of the mega-real estate rerun channel.

Hong Ji-ah, a Chicman-leb who wants to see it once and twice, and 웹하드순위 Hong Ji-ah, who becomes a psychic and wants to free Won-gui’s resentment, is deep inside, but the team work of Oh In-beom, a capitalist exorcist, is thrilling even from the rerun.

But if possible, don’t miss it!

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