I thought it was amazing that you were influential in marketing.

It was so nice to go to the Han River the day before yesterday and heal, but if I think about it again, it’s so sad that there are no holidays on weekdays.

Create Google Optimization
Instructor Lee Bo-mi of Google Marketing Education

Today, I’m going to write down the reviews of the April Google Marketing training.

Especially, the subject of this lecture that I learned this time was making optimized Google.
So I signed up for the ChungSmartBro Hope Foundation website and applied.

It’s the Smartbrow Hope Foundation, and it’s being held at the Hope Foundation Jump-Up Hub.
It’s been a while since I’ve been to this building.

As an aside, I looked around the building a little bit, so I thought I used the space very well.
Instead of just using the stairs, this space was designed for people to sit down and relax, and it was a beautiful idea.

I was looking forward to hearing that the person who teaches Google marketing training is Lee Bo-mi.
I’m sure some of you know that.
Instructor Lee Bo-mi is a Google expert, Google marketing expert, and she’s very famous.
I know you give a lot of lectures, but it’s so nice to have the opportunity to take a lecture like this.

That’s the pamphlet you gave me in class.
He took a lecture while referring to it.

Quarantine is the most important thing these days.
Bad Corona, please disappear quickly.
I hate that I can’t go anywhere as I want.

Anyway, before entering the classroom, I finished writing the fever check question mark and sanitizing my hands according to the Corona quarantine rules.

And there’s always a partition inside the classroom.
It would have been a little uncomfortable without this, but I’m glad.
Make sure to wear a mask and focus on Google marketing education.

Lecture started with the introduction of instructor Lee Bo-mi.
The class hosted by the Hope Foundation is optimization Google, so they organized the categories accordingly.

Personally, I have a lot of worries about what to do with low quality or omission while doing Google. They taught me how to do not to do that. They taught me about Google Experience Team and influencer.
Personally, I’ve learned a lot.

What other high-exposure content will be, how to create content using big data, and find keywords that will increase sales, etc.
For those who really want to run Google or who don’t have a lot of good tips on how to search.

He taught so many lectures that he had accumulated know-how, and the Google tips he gave me were amazing.

I just remembered because you mentioned that you had a lot of teaching experience.
I was really surprised to see that you gave a lecture at a place like this. He was even more amazing than I thought.

National Election Commission, National Tax Service, National Police Agency, Road Traffic Corporation, National Health Insurance Corporation, Korea Information Service Promotion Agency, KT Group, Korea Environment Corporation Pulmuone NHN Godomall, Naver, various universities, etc.

Not only Korean state-run companies but also famous business universities have completely dominated Google marketing education and SNS marketing lectures.

Tell them that you’ve given more than 2,000 lectures during the course of Google Marketing training and lectures as a marketing expert.
From what I can tell, you don’t seem to be very old, but since you taught so many lectures, you seem to have a great career.

Chairman of the Content Subcommittee of the Korea News Mart Bro Association.
Google Subcommittee member of the Korea Smart Bro Marketing Association.
Foreign Professor at Bro University, Smart Industry 구글마케팅 University.
Head of Smartbro Academy, SB Education Group.
Director of Smart Bro Division Online Marketing Research Institute
He’s also a smart bro24 education partner and so on.

The Google marketing training I listened to was very, very informative and interesting. So I asked for your understanding and got a business card, and he was the CEO of Smartbro Group.
Instructor Lee Bo-mi is the CEO and I felt it was amazing that many other places have influences in marketing.

It’s not going to be easy for you to teach in Kosikawa, but it was nice to have a good lecture.
I looked at your Google page on your business card, and you could read reviews and ask questions about your classes.
For those of you interested, I’ll put up a Google link for instructor Lee Bo-mi.

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