This time, a rural house in Gimpo requested the Pagora system.

This is a cool system specializing in electric skyning interior.

They say it’s hard to climb a mountain because it’s too high for oxygen.
The reason birds don’t develop oxygen deficiency at extreme altitudes is because they have an adductor called the air sac.
They store oxygen in here, and then double-ventilate, so they can fly at high altitudes without difficulty.
Living things seem to evolve to suit their environment.
This time, a rural house in Gimpo requested the Pagora system.
Whether it’s a Pagora system or electric skyning, the basic thing is the skeleton.
The aluminum material is light and strong, so there’s no problem with durability.
Unlike electric skyning, the Pagora system requires the floor and ceiling to be level, so it takes some time to level up, left, right, right, right, but once it’s aligned, it’s really great to have a gonni.
It’s a complicated structure, but if it fits, it’s strong.

Our clients are always worried and curious about whether they can match the interior design and color that they want.
As our Siwon system specializes in interior remodeling, not only the size and size of the Pagora system, but also the overall detailed design and color are suitable for the site.
And it’s custom-built to suit your taste, so you don’t have to worry too much.

You can put LED 전동 스카이어닝 lights inside, so you can make the space bright with just one button, and you can use the space comfortably even in dark weather, so I think it’s the best electric skyning design.
This time, I introduced you to the Pagora system site in Gimpo Country House.

Based on the know-how accumulated over many years of experience, our cool system focuses on customer satisfaction with the best technology.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime, and we promise to solve your problems through friendly and meticulous consultation.

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