The direction of marketing can also become clear.

Online marketing has become a survival to survive, as the center of consumption has clearly moved online. In other words, if you did it by choice in the past, now is the time when you have to do it only survive.

As the market has expanded, there are many ways to do that. You don’t have to do everything. Of course, if you do marketing in all areas, it can work that well. But considering the return on investment, it’s not going to be very good.

Therefore, the issue of marketing success has been to find ways to make as much effect as possible with as little marketing cost as possible.

Top 10 most common online marketing areas

I told you that there are various marketing areas. I’m going to talk about how many companies are using it, and the basic areas that many marketing companies are taking.

The way many people are taking it is 구글상위노출 that the competition rate is high, and it is expensive or requires excellent skills in the field. Therefore, if you want low-cost and high-efficiency marketing, you need the assistance of a professional who has extensive experience in marketing.

There are about 10 general marketing areas. Among them, we need to know about keyword search ads, brand blogs, and homepage production, which are the most basic and essential areas of all industries.

First of all, when I think about marketing that I can do online, I think the first thing I think of is a keyword search advertisement using Powerlink and Power Content. It’s the best way to characterize the limited space of a portal site that attracts hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of people.

Simply put, when people search for a keyword, their homepage or content is exposed at the top. In a way, it’s a form of advertising where primary targeting takes place, so it’s one of the areas of efficient online marketing.

However, one disadvantage is that the competition rate is high and the advertising cost is high. It’s a form of advertising cost when you click once, and in severe cases, it can cost up to 100,000 won per click. (Of course, advertising costs generally range from 10 won to a few thousand won.)
In addition, in the past, keyword search ads were more efficient, but now the conversion rate to revenue is slightly lower as various marketing areas that can be done online are developed.

The next basic thing after search ads is marketing using blogs. Did you happen to think, ‘When are you bringing up blog marketing?’ Then, you don’t know the marketing trend these days.

Of course, in the past, most of the blog marketing strategies focused on ‘exposure’ were effective in marketing in the beginning, but the advertising effect didn’t last long. But now the story has changed.

It focuses on the role of ‘on-media’ rather than the focus of exposure. Simply put, it is used for the same role as the homepage so that it can deliver trust to consumers through blogs and become a point of contact for consumption.

As the role of blogs is also focused on information delivery, it is worth noting that the contents of the exposed blogs are mainly high-quality content that contains information, personal opinions, and experiences rather than simple content.

So if you want to take a so-called ‘favorable’ blog strategy in online marketing, think about ‘what content do you want consumers to consume?’ and periodically produce content that will meet your needs.

If the brand blog belongs to the concept of extended on-media, the most basic on-media is the homepage. To put it simply, it’s a place you can think of as an offline store.

But what if we don’t have a homepage? I’ll think about it, for example.

I was searching online to buy healthy food as a holiday gift set, and I am thinking about two companies, A and B, which have similar prices and effects. By the way, which company do you trust more when A has a decent homepage and B doesn’t have one? Is this company A? Is this company B?

If most people say that the two products are similar, they are more likely to choose A company with a homepage. Because the existence of the homepage conveys the image of a bigger company.

Because of this difference, the homepage has to be made basically. Of course, some industries are not necessarily necessary. Like a hair salon.

Have you ever seen the beauty salon website? Come to think of it, we are choosing a place that has more reviews or is close to home than a large one. As such, if you understand what kind of business you are in and the behavior patterns of the consumers you use, you will be able to easily determine the necessity of the website.

Let’s distinguish between required and optional areas

As in the example of a hair salon earlier, although the website is an online marketing area that is considered essential, there may be industries that are not necessarily. This is the same for keyword search ads and brand blog ads.

Therefore, different industries may have different marketing areas that need to be carried out first, and those that need to be followed by time. But for those who are new to marketing, it’s quite difficult to judge clearly. Therefore, the advice of a professional marketer is essential.

Smartbro, an online marketing company, spends a considerable amount of time researching companies in advance. We understand exactly what the consumer base is, what their consumption patterns are, and what strategies should be taken to maximize advertising effectiveness at low cost in the same industry market, and we’re giving them the right direction.

There is no single answer, as various factors must be considered at the same time to find the best marketing strategy. What’s important is analysis. When the analysis of me and the surroundings becomes clear, the direction of marketing can become clear.

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