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With the development of technology, there is a world where you can solve everything you need to live with a computer or a smartphone. The financial industry, which took a long time to submit complicated documents and review loans, also reduced the application for loans as well as payment to mobile. Consumers are becoming more and more convenient, with personal information security systems strengthening and emphasizing convenience. So today, we will learn about the types of Citibank mobile loans that can be easily used on the Internet, and then we will have time to learn about the conditions and qualifications of each product.

city bank non-visit service

Citibank provides services that can be easily applied and used at any time without having to visit branches as well as loan products. You can also apply for a check card or an OTP card. You can get it within a week after you have confirmed yourself.

1. Preparations;


– Cell phone or official certificate in your name

– The other person’s own seat

2. Methods of use;

Personal authentication through cell phone / official certificate > Application for goods to use > Confirmation after submitting ID > Confirmation of other account > Use of goods

Citibank Mobile Loan Type

So let’s look at the type of mobile loan at Citibank. All of them are products that can be applied on the Internet, and they can be used from examination to execution without having to visit the branch through self-certification.

1. City Faster Credit Loans

It is a credit loan product that can be used without a transaction with Citibank. The minimum annual interest rate of 3.58% is up to 50 million won, and there is no intermediate repayment fee. Those who are 25 years of age or older – 60 years of age or younger or self-employed professionals are eligible for the examination after the internal examination of Citibank.

[Lending Condition ]

– Loan limit: From a minimum of 5 million won to a maximum of 50 million won, you can use up to 20 times your monthly income.

– Loan period: It can be used for up to 5 years on the individual loan date, 3 to 5 years for equal repayment of principal and interest, and 1 year for repayment on maturity date.

2. Citi one-click credit loan (only for card customers)

It’s a safe one-financial loan that can be used quickly with a click, which is more convenient as there are no required documents, and there is no mid-term repayment fee. As a Korean citizen over the age of 19, individual credit cards must be used, and customers using companies, checks, and BC cards 폰테크 are excluded from the target. In addition, KCB credit scores must be 855 or more.

[Lending Condition ]

– Loan limit: Loan limit ranges from a minimum of 5 million won to a maximum of 50 million won, but the maximum limit is not available and is applied differently depending on the individual’s creditworthiness.

– Loan period: If the principal and interest are equalized repayment, it can be used for 3 to 5 years. If the repayment is due, it can be used for 1 year. However, depending on the criteria of the payment, there may be a difference in repayment method and period.

3. Credit loans for employees;

The last Citibank mobile loan type is a credit loan product for workers who can use 180 million won for up to 5 years.

[Loan target ]

– As an employee aged 19 or older,

– Citibank or other 1 financial account holders

– Health Insurance payment performance at least 6 times

[Lending Condition ]

– Loan Limit: For the loan limit, you can get 24 times the monthly income from a minimum of 5 million won to a maximum of 180 million won. It can be used as a negative account, but in that case, the limit will be reduced to 70 million won.

– Loan period: Up to 5 years for individual loans, 3 to 5 years for equal repayment of principal, 2 years for 10% installment repayment, and 1 year for maturity repayment. Negative bankbooks are available for a year.

So today, I have had time to learn about the type of mobile loan at Citibank. It is a product of 1 financial sector, so there is a limit to use.

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