As expected, it’s near Lotte Department Store, so please visit there.

Hello~ I’m Tosuni, who is living happily every day because of the charm of the Changwon Gunma. I’m already excited at the thought of going to Changwon Sports Massage today. I wasn’t interested in massage. I fell in love with it. I’m sure you’ll like it when you go. Of course, it’s cheap and it’s bound to fall in love with neat facilities.
Changwon Sports Massage – Muscle Fuller Sports Massage – Muscle Relaxation

When you get a massage, the muscles in your body relax and reduce stress. I didn’t know before I got it. But when I got it in the morning, my condition changed and my work skills improved.
Changwon Sports Massage – Effects Changwon Sports Massage – Effects

I used to live in a state of exhaustion every day, and now I’m having a really refreshing day. ^^ So I’m here to introduce you to two great Changwon sports massage shops. Both of them are so nice. I’m just going around the company and my house. Please read them carefully because the order and ranking don’t matter. ^^
Changwon Sports Massage – ParadaIschangwon Sports Massage – ParadaIs

The first Changwon sports massage I will introduce is Paradise located in Sangnam-dong. I’m attracted to Gunma and I came to visit through recommendation. It turned out that I liked it even more because it was very close to my company. Sometimes, if you use the Sangnam-dong Paradise on a day when you’re under a lot of stress from work, there’s no happiness like that! The quality of the store itself is good, so the interior is very pretty and neat. What was better was that you could use a shower room per person, not a public shower facility.
Changwon Sports Massage – Parking Window Sports Massage – Parking

Parking is also available, so you can use it comfortably in the parking hell area ^^You can use it at a much lower price now because of the event. If you write more than 5 lines in a sincere review, -10,000 won will be discounted. It’s also famous for its famous Changwon Swedish massage restaurant. It consists of a course of 100,000 won for 60 minutes of Swedish massage, 130,000 won for 70 minutes, and 150,000 won for 70 minutes. It’s all based on membership, so membership is essential ^^ It’s a place where premium management is possible. All Korean female healers are made up of talented teachers. Business hours are from 12 p.m. to 3 a.m.! It is located 3 minutes’ walk from Lotte Department Store Changwon. ~
Changwon Sports Massage – 강남건마 Touch-and-go Changwon Sports Massage – Touch-and-go

The second Changwon sports massage parlor is a touch-and-go business. It’s no exaggeration to say that it provides the best service around here. Thai, aroma, swaddish, sports, and so on. It’s a fun place to pick and pick out. ^^
Changwon Sports Massage – Aroma Changwon Sports Massage – Aroma

I feel like I’m taking care of you with all my heart, and I’m in love with the touch. It starts at 60,000 won for 60 minutes of aroma massage, isn’t it really cheap? 90,000 won for 90 minutes, 100,000 won for 60 minutes, 120,000 won for 80 minutes, and 140,000 won for 100 minutes! It’s made up of all the female teachers who have completed all the therapy sessions. It is open 24 hours a day from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. As expected, it’s near Lotte Department Store, so please visit there.

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