For the installation file, we are planning to distribute it to torrents due to capacity issues.

It is safe and light, does not install adware with it, does not have advertisements in the program, and if possible, we will recommend it based on programs that support Korean.

For the installation file, we are planning to distribute it to torrents due to capacity issues.

  1. Introduction to the program

Torrent is a P2P protocol used by multiple users to share data. You’ve probably seen a lot of files shared by torrents on the Internet.
A torrent client is a program that enables sharing and downloading by running these torrent files (.torent extension).
We use utorent a lot in our country, but there are many installations and advertisements together.
So today, there’s no commercial, no installation, and I’ll introduce a program called Cubit Torrent, which has a similar interface with U-Torrent.

  1. Download Program

    In the future, I will upload the program in the form of a .torrent file.

You can download the first file for Windows 32 bit, the second file for Windows 64 bit, and the third file for Mac OS.

  1. How to install a program

    The second file was downloaded because it is 64-bit. When you run the downloaded installation file, the first window opens to select the language. You can choose Korean.
    Selecting a language initiates the installation of the qubit torrent. Check → accept the following → above → Next → Next → Click Install →.
    You are checked to run the Cubit torrent when it is installed and completed, and when you click Finish, the next legal notification window appears. Click Accept to launch the Cubit torrent program.
  2. How to use a program

    It’s very simple to use. When you download and run a torrent file on the Internet, Cubit torrent runs automatically, starting the download of the file you actually want.
    Linux OS files use torrents as a deployment method. Most Torrents are distributed free of charge, but there is no additional cost from the distributor’s point of view.
    So today, we’re going to download an ISO file of the Linux OS called Mint.
    You can download the .torrent file by clicking “Torrent” on the Downloads page of the Linux homepage.
    Upon downloading, the download folder will have a .torrent file shaped like a cubit torrent icon.
    When you run the file, the Cubit torrent is automatically 토렌트 launched to raise a notification window about the download. If you check Don’t show up again at the bottom, the download will start immediately without the notification window appearing. Click OK.
    You will now begin downloading the installation files for the mint that you want to download.
    You might wonder why you go through such a complicated process when you download a program. (It’s really comfortable when you get used to it.) However, there is a great advantage that Torrent users know.
    Speed. If you download directly from a server, the speed of the download will be affected by the speed of that server.
    However, Torrent does not download 1:1 from the server, but rather splits files and shares them with N:N. Therefore, if you have enough seeds, you can make the most of the internet speed.
    That’s why we use it a lot for sharing large files.

Please continue to use it.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Kakao Talk.

Thank you.

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