It’s like, you know, I’m going to find out about another trip.

I arranged the schedule with my friends this time.
We’re getting together. Something special.
I wanted to do it, so I searched.
A place where you can rent a scooter in Jeju Island.
I found it and used it.

My acquaintance told me about a place called Gogo Scooter.
It was a place. I was relieved to have a lot of reviews.
It was easy to find because it was near Jeju Airport.
I found out later that if I make a reservation for 48 hours,
You also picked me up at the airport.

In fact, there’s no failure in the place where the locals told you.
I went there and found that there were many different types of cars, and the price of the cars.
It was supposed to be reasonable, but even at the gate of Seogwipo,
I 힐링업 didn’t feel any pressure because I had to return it.

The boss here was doing the maintenance himself.
So, unfortunately, if there’s an accident, it’s going to be cheap.
I could get it. From the helmet to the phone holder.
Various related items are provided free of charge.
It was a system.

There must be a lot of positive reviews.
I wanted to, but it’s a package that’s famous for filming.
a special ticket to use a place at a discounted price.
It was on sale.

I was thinking there was something like this.
The lease you need to rent a scooter in Jeju Island.
He gave me the contract. a kindly explanation
You gave it to me and told me to write down simple personal information.

At first, I thought I had to use this.
I’ve been told one by one that it’s necessary.
I could see that. Get good information
It was a meaningful experience.

Now that I’ve filled out the necessary documents,
They gave me some kind of information that could be helpful.
Take care when traveling from basic common sense to safety.
I was able to get some tips.

I spread it out and found the whole map.
Look at the schedule and see where to go.
I could have pulled it up. But for beginners,
Not only how to ride it, but also what’s relevant.
I was more confident because they told me.

I liked it because there were many kinds of helmets.
And then there’s a clear cover and goggles.
We can prepare for the situation. Tell them we’re safer.
He gave it to me. Something like foreign objects and small stones.
I thought I’d feel safe even if it popped up.

Thinking about it, I thought I’d wear a white helmet.
I chose it. The original color is a bit burdensome.
I made up my mind because the black one looked dull.
I felt like I was protected by wearing the right fit.
I have a feeling that I will be able to enjoy riding happily.

And now that I’m ready,
They rented a scooter in Jeju Island.
I didn’t know which model it was, but it was well managed.
I could see that there was. so
I was so excited that I was just going to ride it.

If the boss rides off without checking,
You should be careful that there are some places that catch pods later.
She told me that she’s going to do it. And then the instrument cluster.
He told me to take a picture with my cell phone, so I was meticulous.
I took pictures of everything.

Other products, like the ones with blemishes,
whether not, mileage, fuel condition, etc. all
I’ll check it out, I’ll take a picture of it later.
There was no possibility of dispute.

It’s like this, and the locals recommend it.
I thought it might be, but thanks to you, I can trust you.
I feel like I’m lucky to have met a business.
I got it. I can’t forget about this day.
I thought I’d stay.

Actually, I’m going to use my phone to watch the app.
It’ll be a hassle if you run out of battery.
It was the same. It had an adapter. Anytime.
I was worried that I could charge it.

And you have a cell phone holder.
I was able to move comfortably. If you speed up,
You may be afraid it won’t fall, but firmly.
It was fixed and almost unshakable.

Before we leave, we’ll give you safety advice.
You were so kind as to do it. so
The next thing I’m going to do is rent a scooter in Jeju Island.
I decided to do it here if there is one.

I’m supposed to go to Yongseom Bridge for my first destination.
If we leave first, your friends will follow you in the car.
I did it, but it was so fast that it was fun to ride.
The spring energy was delivered to my body by the wind.

Something that opens your mind in the middle of the city.
I could enjoy the feeling of being with nature.
On the other hand, this is why there’s a club.
I thought people would prefer it.

I enjoyed it so much that I arrived in no time.
Yongyeon is a small pond, and Yongduam is on the west coast.
There was plenty to see here with the rocks.
They’re waiting to see the scenery and take pictures.
I went to Yongseom Bridge instead.

After passing Yongdam Park, I saw it.
It’s one of the most famous places, so the surrounding facilities are good.
There was. Each landscape looked like a picture.
The mere sight of it healed me.

The estuary connects directly to the sea and upstream.
As you can see, there’s Yongyeon Valley.
I got the impression of walking on the clouds.

If these places are nearby, there’s no more routine.
I thought it would be fun, but I thought it would be fun.
It felt like it was being emptied. Jeju Island Scooter Rental Island
I’m going to try it, and I’m going to see an unforgettable scene
I got the energy that only good things will happen.

Next, I ran along the Yongdam Coastal Road.
It’s definitely not like moving downtown.
Another sense of openness was impressive.

My friends are in contact with the sky and the sea.
He said it looked like he was running between them.
Something envious seemed to want to ride.
I didn’t want to miss a second, so I enjoyed it alone.

So I’m going to run along the coast road, and I’m going to run
I spent some time in the tower. to prevent bad luck
The stone pagoda was built to give you more energy.
I’ve been watching it for a while.

And then I’ll run back down the coast, and I’ll take the Dodubong.
Gina to Ehotow Beach, where the famous horse lighthouse is located.
I moved. It’s not as hard as a bicycle.
I was able to use my time efficiently.

It’s like, you know, I’m going to find out about another trip.
Let’s say it’s done. Maybe I’m jealous of my friends.
When we get together, we rent a scooter in Jeju Island.
We’re supposed to finish the race to Seogwipo.
I’m already looking forward to it.

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