I’m definitely coming to get a Suyu station massage.

The stress from work is with friends.
It’s easy to chat or hang out.
You can relieve your fatigue, but you can sleep.
Stretching is not enough.
So if I’m tired,
I’m going to get a Suyu station massage.
Once you’ve been managed by a professional,
강남수안보안마 My whole body feels much refreshed.

This time, it’s not the shop I always go to.
She specializes in foot care.
I visited The Foot Shop once.
It’s been a long time since I’ve managed.
As long as I’m on my way, I’m tired.
I wanted a place where I could definitely release him.
It’s really cool here.
They’re known to be nice to me.

He’s famous for his cost-effectiveness.
Management and Footspa with just KRW 22,000
And warm tea and meditation for service.
They say you can enjoy it well.
Actually, I’m a very talented lactating massage.
I thought the price range would be too high.
If you look here, it’s not like that.

Take subway line 4 to get to the store.
As soon as you get off at Suyu Station Exit 3,
It’s located on the 5th floor of the Hongseung Building.
If you visit by car, you can park.

I came up to the fifth floor, and the entrance came out right away.
Outstanding through the glass door.
I could see the interior.
These days, I’ve been taking care of myself for healing.
I’m just as good at decorating as I am at getting it.
I’ve been arguing a lot, but I can’t even pretend to be here.
It looked luxurious, so I was very satisfied.

When I went into the Suyu Station Massage Store, I simply…
It’s not just classy.
I liked it because it was an exotic style.
Maybe it’s because it’s a traditional Chinese massage parlor.
Chinese like a red lamp.
I can see a lot of decorations.
I felt like I was on an overseas trip.

While I was looking around for a while,
You know, I’m not the one who’sir,
They prepared us to go in.
You don’t have to wait too long.
I don’t know how comfortable it was.
You’re so sweet and kind when you show me around.
It was even more memorable because they did it for me.

Every time we move here,
The theme of the interior changes little by little.
Every decoration to keep the atmosphere alive.
You put a lot of effort into it.
It was good to watch.
So I looked around.
My eyes were so happy.

I don’t think it’s a place where I’ve saved glasses or bowls.
It was especially impressive, with a colorful pattern.
A teacup or a clean one.
The cups were all gathered together.
I usually use a pretty bowl.
I like to collect them, but they’re so cool.
I didn’t know I could decorate it.

The Suyu station massage you can get here is…
Sports, aroma, etc. as well as partial management.
There’s a lot of them.
For those who don’t want to get just one thing.
It’s a course
We’ve got a special care.
I don’t think I needed to think about it either.

To change into comfortable clothes.
When I walked into the fitting room, I found someone else’s…
I can’t find a trace.
I’m glad you kept it neat.
Thanks to you, I was able to use it comfortably.

In front of the locker, the pregnant woman is in charge of the care.
If you can’t get it, or if you’re not feeling well,
I need you to tell Therapist.
There was a customer notice attached.
It’s important, but as many people don’t know it,
I think you put it in an easy-to-see location on purpose.

The size of the gown
The fact that it’s enough was also very good.
I don’t think it’s right for me.
If you get dressed and get a massage, that’s it.
It can’t be uncomfortable, but fortunately, this time,
It was nice to be able to find the perfect fit.

Precious items such as wallets and accessories
If you leave it at the counter, it’ll keep it safe.
If you put things that aren’t in the locker,
I didn’t lose anything to lose.
I could’ve locked it separately.

Personally, I think the Suyu station massage is…
Make the customer feel a little more comfortable.
That he cared to use it.
I was satisfied because I felt it.
No matter how well-established it is,
There’s always something uncomfortable about using it.
There was no such thing at all this time.

And thanks to that, when I got a footspa,
I was able to receive it in a good moodily.
While I’m here, I think I’m really enjoying myself.
I don’t think I left my head.

When you get a foot spa, you take a foot bath.
I could’ve added more.
When I put it in, the water turned green.
And it’s not just the color that changed.
Good scents came up as well.

I’m dipping my feet in warm water.
The fatigue I’ve been working on…
I felt like everything was evaporating.
Maybe because the interior is so luxurious.
It healed me well.
He brought me a car for free.
I could have received it while drinking.

Once you’ve warmed up with a little footspread,
You can go into your room and get some care.
It’s nice to have a quiet, cozy reception.
It was well-organized.

I was the first to get foot care at Suyu Station Massage.
No.1 foot care shop in Korea.
I thought there was a reason why they were called.
You know, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to wear shoes lately.
I had a lot of work and my feet hurt.
I’m gonna need you to get the muscles in your feet.
It’s very refreshing.

As much as I’ve just had a foot bath.
I think it worked out better.
You know, when you’re getting this, you’re supposed to be nervous.
You have to leave it out, so it’s much better to untie it.
Relaxation is important as it works out.
But here, naturally,
We have an environment where we can relax.
I think it was perfect to relieve my fatigue.

It was so cool when I got full-body care.
It’s the best massage I’ve ever had.
It’s no exaggeration to say that you did a good job.
He’s got a lot of things going on.
I thought it was a good idea to receive it by telegraph.

I woke up with all the blood.
He disappeared without a trace.
Next time I get tired from working,
I’m definitely coming to get a Suyu station massage.
Every time I get a place that’s this nice,
I think I can use it pleasantly.

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