men’s luxury watch brand Taghoeer

Actor Joo Ji-hun seems to be getting older in style

Oh, of course, I’m 82 years old, and I’m not that old,

The atmosphere is more my taste than my debut.

I’m looking at the Esquire picture of Ju Ji-hoon.

Knit, shirt fashion is also a neat and sensual boyfriend look!

She’s cool, sexy, and she’s really alone!

The item that was exceptionally prominent in his picture,

It was a clock that was filled with wrists

It’s a Swiss watchmaker called the Taghoeer.

Carrera chronograph collection

Movement Hoyer 02 on board, 80 hours power reservoir brani… wow!

We’re running a Carrera campaign

I convey the spirit of challenge that does not stop.

Taghoeer’s leading watcher in a variety of fashions

Carrera Hoyer 02, I wore a collection of chronographs

Sporty and luxurious and elegant charm!

I’m a woman, but I love this style

When everyone wants to give you a watch for your boyfriend,

One person I think I want to wear

The product in the Esquire pictorial of Ju Ji Hoon from above

Carrera Hoyer 02 Chronograph

Inspired by the Hoyer Carrera model, released in 1963!

The diameter size is 42mm, which can appeal to the strength of men.

I think it’s a decent size

the existing tachymeter bezel is removed and it completes with the clean silver bezel

I think it’s perfecting a modern and elegant style

I’m not sure if you’re a man who likes to wear suits

I’d like to recommend it

This is it!

I’ll fold the white shirt up a couple of times

with a slight exudation of the arm muscles

The clock below it.

My own romance?

A boyfriend or husband working at a company

I think I’d love to see you like this every day.

This picture looks like a master

V-neck knit, striped shirt layered

Is fashion itself a bit of a cutie?

And I’m also a man who’s loved by celebrity watches

Carrera Hoyer 02 Sports Chronograph !

The blue dial looks so cool in silver

Blue + Navy Cody is also good for you

I feel more sporty, like the name

It’s a little larger in diameter, 44mm

Stainless steel case, glossy, overweight!

the tachymeter scale is imprinted on bezel

I can feel the casual, sporty atmosphere

Blue and black with ceramic bezels,

Green with steel bezels,

Black and Rose Gold with Rose Gold

You can meet with four designs in total

Is the cream color setup going to fit this well?

Is there a style that does not fit Ju Ji-hun?

I’m in doubt.

This picture product is quite different from before, right?

the rose gold color is combined in the black leather band

It creates a classic atmosphere

Former CEO and honorary 레플리카 chairman of Taghoeer

Jack Hoyer’s 88th birthday is celebrated

Gold Limited Edition

It’s made in 188 pieces worldwide

They say only 12 pieces came into the country

If you’re interested in luxury watches

I don’t think I’m gonna get past it

Matching the leather jacket,

Carrera Porsche Chronograph

It’s a famous place for an autobiographer brand

It’s a product that was completed in partnership with Porsche

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